Chairman’s Report

Sylvia Harrop

As I write this report, the contents of the Journal are almost ready to go to the printer, and I know that our editors have assembled once more a number of varied and interesting articles, reflecting the Trust’s interests in local research and our activities during the last year. It is most encouraging that our members continue to contribute the results of their researches so that there is no problem filling the Journal.

You will have noticed that your membership/programme cards were accompanied in January by a copy of my annual report from the 2005 AGM, and by the first pilot of a newsletter. The distribution of the report to all members has been done to comply more closely than before with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners; and, of course, it means that all our members, and not only those attending the AGM, can keep up with what is going on in the Trust. As far as the newsletter is concerned, you will know that one of the bees in my bonnet for some time has been a desire for better communication with members outside the AGM and what is printed in the Journal. The committee agreed that we should pilot a newsletter to be distributed to members twice a year, with the programme card in January and with the Journal in the middle of the year. Please read it! Communication is a two-way process, and we are wasting our time if members do not read and benefit from the contents. We plan to give updates on the forthcoming activities of the year, and to add items which we think will interest you. I am most grateful to Heather Jemson for writing the newsletter, to Mike Slater for producing it, to Mary Slater for putting together all the materials in the January envelopes, and to the distributors for putting these through your doors or posting them. Heather would be glad to have feedback from members on the first pilot. I should add, as some of you will recall, that the Trust has had a twice-yearly newsletter before. In 1991 this was replaced with an annual Journal, which has appeared and gone from strength to strength ever since. We now hope to have the best of both worlds!

We were very privileged to be able to hold our last AGM at Lawkland Hall. A large number of members packed themselves in to every nook and cranny, and we are most grateful to Giles and Felicity Bowring for their hospitality, and to Emmeline Garnett for her excellent short talk on the house. Our Christmas Party was also a very enjoyable occasion, and Leeds Parish Choir gave us a memorable recital in January. We are most grateful to St. Mary’s Ingleton for their hospitality. This year’s programme is well under way, and I hope that many members will be able to participate in the varied activities which the committee have arranged.

I am glad to report that the Trust has had another full year of activities. To all those members who organise and make it possible for us to continue our programme of activities: lectures, walks, the Summer Outing, the Christmas Party and the New Year Recital, I give my thanks on behalf of all those who enjoy them. This list must also include our journal, which continues to be an excellent read on many different topics. Enjoy this one!