Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater

When Maureen first became editor of the Journal with Amanda Hobson in 1993, it was usual to have to solicit the majority of articles. Now we are in a happier position when mostly enough texts and illustrations are sent voluntarily, and we are enormously grateful for this; the Journal could not function without them. If the editors hear someone talking knowledgeably about a subject, approach is made for a suitable article. This year Anthea Bickley, Roger Mitchell and Ian Saunders were encouraged in this way and interesting articles have resulted. We welcome comment on previous articles. There has been continuity from Amanda’s first publication with its green bordered cover and it was ‘on the shoulders of giants’ that when the delicate Lady’s Slipper Orchid painting was used for a first cover in colour in 1998 a decision to continue this practice was made. Glossy pages are now used inside which give better definition to photographic illustrations.