Chairman’s Report

Sylvia Harrop

It is good to be able to report that we have been able to hold our various activities since last October, despite a few difficulties along the way. The night of the AGM was very wet and windy, but we were grateful to see that nearly 50 members braved the elements and turned up. They were treated to a most interesting talk from our President, Bill Mitchell, on Old Clapham and Austwick, using old photographs from his collection. Since then, we have enjoyed two excellent and well-attended lectures, the first in November on icehouses, and the second in March on the lessons to be learned from changes in church memorials. Our next lecture in May is to be given by our bursary student, Kay Exton, and we look forward to welcoming her. Inclement weather in January did not prevent a large audience packing into St. Oswald’s Church, Thornton-in-Lonsdale for the Annual Recital. The church’s acoustics are excellent, and the Leeds Parish Choir were on splendid form. We are most grateful to the vicar and churchwardens of St. Oswald’s for their hospitality. Next year we move to the south of our area for a recital in St. Michael’s, Kirkby Malham. Glenn Jenkinson, who joined the committee in October, is responsible for the lecture programme, so please contact him if you have any queries or suggestions for speakers.

Our Christmas Party was also a very enjoyable occasion, as usual. Many thanks to the Langcliffe team of Saida Simmons and Mike and Mary Slater. The venue now moves to Clapham, where we shall be holding the party later this year. Despite very wet weather on a couple of the Sunday walks, hardy members persevered; it was the gas pipeline, evident all over North Craven, that forced a change of route in April! We are most grateful to John Fox for arranging the walks for the last few years, and to Jan Rhodes, who has offered to take over from next year. Overall, this year’s programme is well under way, and I hope that many members will be able to participate in the varied activities which the committee have arranged.

As I look through past Journals, I realise what a wonderful historical resource they represent, and how varied the contents are, reflecting the Trust’s interests in local research and our activities during the year.. The contents of this Journal will be no exception, and I look forward very much to reading them. Many thanks to our editors for putting together such an interesting collection. Finally, my continuing thanks to all those who help to keep the Trust running in many different ways. Your contribution is very much appreciated.