Arthur Lupton - Vice President

Many of you will have known Arthur for a long time and will know of his long-standing work for the NCHT. It is felt by all the present committee that recognition of this contribution is timely. It is not just a matter of serving the Trust as an excellent committee member but his unstinting helpfulness in so many ways that led us to propose that he become one of our vice-presidents along with Phyllis Houlton and Sheila Heywood. The proposal was seconded by practically everyone at the AGM and was carried nem con.

Arthur became a committee member in 1990 and continued to 2003. From 1993 to 2000 he was Honorary Secretary, with Jill Sykes for some of those years. He produced the programme card regularly up to last year, he has led walks and helped produce the journal over about 6 years with Maureen Ellis. He has distributed the Journal and collected subscriptions from homes widely-spread over North Craven. He has gone beyond the call of duty in all these necessary tasks.

Arthur deserves to have public recognition by us of his efforts to serve the members of the Trust so well and we look forward to his continued support.