View over limestone country from Eldroth

4 June 2006: Leaders - Maureen and Richard Nicholas

The party set off on a warm day from Eldroth Village Hall southwards across the fields to Black Bank and Chapman Bank (with permission to use the approach track). Then along the high ground over many stiles, with a marvellous landscape of the mountains to the north, towards the farms of Ravenshaw, Butterfield Gap and Routster. We went through the Butterfield Gap farmyard with permission as the farmer had a new calf in the croft where the footpath runs. There were plenty of curlews, a skylark, and a duck with five chicks in tussocky grass who tried to lure us away by pretending to be lame. From Routster along Back Lane north eastwards in the direction of Craven Ridge and to Four Lane Ends and the road back to Eldroth and a cup of tea at the Village Hall.