Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The 2008 journal is bursting at its metaphorical seams with articles on people, places and events. Accounts in a previous copy can spark an interest in someone who will then further research the topic (and sometimes amend it). There are articles of very local interest, for example those regarding Settle and neighbouring localities, but the writers often have a breadth of knowledge which allows them to make comparisons and trace evolutions from further afield. The Craven area has always been influenced and in turn has informed others by the migrations of people, scholars and churchmen: but over-reaching it all is the moulding by the hills and dales that surround it. Wisely the monthly walks were established firstly as a communal activity but they also allow us to appreciate these very accessible hills and dales and their man-made heritage. The accounts of the Summer Outing and the walks are an important record of these activities.

The Cover

Diana Kaneps has made a collage of medieval artifacts that she has seen, photographed and drawn and then designed for this year's cover. She wants to encourage people to be aware of the wealth of this material, often the residue after the destruction of property during the Reformation. In medieval times, when the workforce was largely illiterate, beliefs and ideas had to be displayed pictorially as well as graphically. There are carvings and inscriptions everywhere in and on secular and religious buildings as well as manuscripts. As she says, the symbols from pagan cultures were incorporated and adapted to later beliefs.

The central coloured panel is from a medieval manuscript and shows God's face in synchrony with the sun, and below and above this panel is another sun and the moon, both from Granada Cathedral. From Broughton Church is the design of the top right hand panel with an M for Mary, and below it a cast wrought iron grille from Chartres, with the dove below from Chatsworth house. On the left is a panel from Bentham Old Hall Cottages with its A for Anne the owner's wife. Below that is the piscina of the Knights Templars from Rosslyn, and at the bottom a detail from Stydd near Ribchester.

Diana thanks Peter Sharp for help with computer graphics which enabled her to assemble this cover.