Craven Ridge

6 May 2007 — Leaders - Audrey and Harold Foxcroft

A mobility problem prevented Harold from leading this walk fully, but he was able to provide relevant history at several points. The walk was based on one which had been done previously in 1998, but was new to all those present. On the previous occasion, work on the water pipeline had caused deviations from plan. On this occasion, part of the walk had to be omitted due to gas pipeline work.

The start of the walk, at the now converted Tipperthwaite barns, provides a view of this important valley containing the railway, and the old and new routes to Lancaster and beyond. The crossing of these leads to Craven Bank below High Rigg.

From here the site of the drained Giggleswick Tarn (now a golf course) was clear. The party were then provided with a map of the environs of Giggleswick School before the Chapel was built and another tarn site was filled in and levelled to provide the present Cricket Field in 1911.

After this the ancient Dallicar Lane was followed to Close House (which carries 1675 and 1688 date stones), where previous information provided by Phyllis Houlton was recalled. It also provided a link to Sir Edward Elgar and the current celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The route then passed under the railway (opened fully in 1850) via an underbridge incorporating the original cast iron beams dated 1847. From here a path leads under the A65 by-pass to cross Carr Beck by footbridges back to the start at Paley Green Lane.