The Historic Churches Fund

Michael Southworth

In the 1992 Journal there is an article about the setting up of this fund. In response to a number of requests at that time for financial help to repair historic churches and chapels in North Craven, a special fund was established. The objectives were to collect funds and distribute grants and interest-free loans to churches and chapels of any Christian denomination in North Craven, to help pay the cost of essential fabric repairs which are beyond the means of their congregations. Aid is normally restricted to churches and chapels erected before the First World War.

How you can help:
a) by making a donation to the Trust
b) by entering into a Deed of Covenant, with tax reclaim by the Trust by Gift Aid to enhance any gift
c) by organising a fund-raising event.

The Treasurer can advise on all these possibilities.

We have reached a point where the fund has been exhausted by making grants over the past years at a rate not matched by additions to the fund from the annual concert proceeds and donations. There was a lengthy and important discussion of this topic at the AGM. The Committee have since decided to make occasional transfers of money from the General Account into the Historic Churches Fund as and when considered appropriate, subject to maintaining a reserve amount in the General Account as required by the Charity Commissioners. We would welcome any contributions to maintenance of the Historic Churches Fund at any time to allow us to continue making small grants.