Family Bequests

Testator Date Eldest Son Sons Daughters Widow Other Family Members
James Salebanke Stainforth Underhill 1551 Christopher, no child's part but what grandfather and grandmother gave him in wills and to pay his brother, also all husbandry gear of wood, ark. Richard his child's part, residue of goods and tenement with licence of lord. Isabell her child's part and residue of goods. Widow right Sister- a mold jacket. Brother- William Howson (prob in-law)- Gray Jacket
Hew Palay Stainforth 1564 (Possibly Richard) After wife Richard gets tenement, houses and appurtenances, husbandry gear, nail fast gear, formes, bords, chairs, buckskin dublett. Roger- child's portion, William- 25s. Rest to be decided by ….Johnson, Roger Swaynson. Halve of tenement with appurtenances & husbandry gear during widowhood.
James Foster Stainforth Underhill 1567 (Not indicated, but likely to have been William) Henry- 4mark William-lease, messuage, title, tenant right, licence of lord, 4 silver spoons, 5 dozen tenters, a pair of sheares, brass pot 2- given rest of goods and 13s 4d paid by William. Widow right
William Twisleton Sherewoodhouse 1568 Gregorie-title tenement, occupation at Shearewoodhouse, 2 parts moiety& 3rd part later, flock on malham moor with all leases and mortgages there, farm great ark, 1 new pann-heirlooms of the house. All Sons-Gregorie, Anthony, John a child's portion, rest of goods, £17 15s in gold in wife's keeping, £6 in Greg's keeping to be divided amongst sons and wife John-10yews for 6yrs at Sherewoodhouse Margaret (wife of James Foster)- gown, 13s 4d. Widow right Son-in-law- Hugh Lupton, 1 good milk cow
Richard Paley Knight Stainforth 1569 Hewe- lease & Child's portion. (Only one son) Eliz- lease if Hewe dies, passes to Agnes if she dies. Eliz- farmhold, unto Agnes if enters pennyworth- £3 6s 8d. Both child's portion Widow right of goods, farmland, live in farm during widowhood and bring up children
Emmott Twyssilton (widow to William) Sherwood House 1569 Anthony and John according to father's last will her part of farmhold Sherewood house & 2 parts of farmhold, great pan. To Gregory, Anthony, John and John Twistleton the residue. Katherine- gown Isabell- best white petticote James Foster wife- red petticote N/A Son-in-law- Hugh Lupton, Great pan Son-in-law- James Foster, a portion of residue.
Thomas Foster snr Stanforthe Underhill 1571 William, best jacket, ne cublet, 1 pair of hose, 1 shirt, 1 hat, pair shoes. Part of rest of goods. Richard- title, tenantright, licence of lord, 6 dozen tenters, 2 pare walker sheares, husbandry gear, money lent to Edward Darcie. 5 sons Anthony, John, John, George, Robert child's portion. George to be kept at school until 20yrs. Part of rest of goods Widow share of goods and household, during widow head Grandchildren- 1 lamb or 12d apiece and 4d. Agnes daughter of Richard Foster- greatest panne. Agnes part of rest of goods. Son-in-law- Richard Lawson, brown jacket.
Robert Iveson Stanforthe 1575 Anthony- all that is due; title, tenantright of farmhold and appurtenances in Stainforth when of age or marries gets widow portion If Anthony dies and the child the testator's wife is having is a boy then the tenement goes to him. If Anthony dies before comes of age all goes to eldest daughter Agnes and so on. Widow right according to custom, occupation of tenant for bringing up children until Anthony comes of reasonable age.
George Palay Knight Stainforth 1576 James tenement after wife & Child's portion to all children. Child's portion to all children. Agnes & Elizabeth rest of goods. Widow right of goods and farmhold
Richard Sailbanlke Stanyforthe 1577 (Prob. Roger) If Roger recovers from disease- to have tenement otherwise it goes to James and William if he has no sons. All residues of goods. (If any) - child's portion. Supervisors to give
William Husband Stainford Underhill 1582 Thomas to occupy house for natural life & tenement to revert to him and him to pay money to his younger brother. Christopher, youngest son, to occupy house for natural life, says for each so they will stay together. Alice Preston, Child's portion. Alice to occupy house or her 3rd, all goods.
John Lawson Knight Stainforth 1586 Widow right and residue of goods.
Robert Howson Freer Stainforth (late of Dubcoat in Horton) 1587 Cousin and friend- William Lawkland all goods in hands and custody of bonds, bills and assurances.
Christopher Cooke 1589 Roger- whole tenement and lease, except widow 3rd, 2 parts of chattels, kye horses, whies stotte calves & sheep, household stuff, bots, shoes, best jacket, best firkin. Corn & hay to be divided with widow. 2 sons- John and George, Childs portion to be paid by Roger- 20 nobles 3rd of tenement, goods, cloak and best hat. Corn & hay to be divided with Roger.
James Armistead Fryer Stainforth 1589 (Doesn't say be it is likely to have been Christopher) Christopher- lease of lanckliffe milne and rest of goods, Roger- £4 or £4 worth of goods.
Thomas Foster Freer Stainforthe 1590 Richard be his mother's servant until his youngest sister is married & then he will return to the house, leases and tenements on leave of brother and consent of Hughe Gregsone, husbandry gear, tenters, sheares, ambrie after death or marriage of mother for his child's portion. Henry-child's part and kept at school. Mathew- child's portion, Agnes- child's portion of goods and leases not otherwise bequeathed. Jaine- £10 already given at time of marriage. Can keep the house while she is unmarried, occupation of tenement and lease in Stainforth & his part of dry park.
Roger Cockett Freerstainfurthe 1591 John- Moiety and one half, with mother to occupy. William- other half of tenement and dales and wills it to renew the lease from Mr Darcie. Pay John 26s 8d at end of 5yrs. Both children's portion. Residue of goods shared equally. Alice & Margaret child's portion. Residue of goods equally divided Tenement, wholly, of 2 dales to the maintaining of 2 daughters for 4yrs. If wife dies before this time go to use of son and daughters. After 4yrs moiety and one half of tenement to occupy, and to pay one third of lease. Gets 3rd of tenement during widowhead
Henry Cockett Freerstainfurthe 1591 Thomas Cockett- lease of tenement, husbandry gear as child's portion promised on his marriage. William, Stephen- child's portion of goods. Isabell, Agnes- child's portion of goods. Testator's part of goods which is halve to be equally divided between them.
Thomas Craven Stainfurth Under Bargh 1593 Richard- shall pay John, James and Thomas 40s. John, James, Thomas- portions Agnes, Margaret- portions Isabell already had child's portion Margaret also residue of goods. A third of messuage ferme and tente with appurtenances in Stainforth. 3rd of edifices & buildings thereupon being during widowhead, 3rd goods.
Roger Saylbanke Stainforth Under Hill 1593 Tenement, houses & goods shared with other children and mother. Tenement, houses & goods shared with other children and mother. Widow portion= tente and houses, appurtenances & goods equally divided with children. Sisters- Isabel Saylbanke 2 sheep. Agnes- 2 sheep. Brother- willm 20s for payment of old recknynges.
William Armistead Freerstainfurth 1595 John Use of tenement and lodgings meat drink and clothing with widow. Christopher, Hugh and Richard- £6 13s 4d when they come to 21yrs by widow and John. Also to be maintained- meat, drink and lodging until they come of age-21yrs. Elizabeth & Anne use of tenement and lodgings meat drink and clothing until lawful marriage. Widow and son John to pay them £20 and child's portion of goods. Use of tenement and lodgings, meat drink and clothing. All to dwell together until daughters to lawfull marriage.
Elizabeth Cockyett Friar Stainforth 1596 N/A
William Foster Stainforde Underbargh 1597 Richard- tenement after 10yrs or his mother dies or remarries. He shall educate & bring up Henry and William. He will also have husbandry gear, with tenters tenterwood, woollen lambs, furniture, bedstocks, stone troughs, tables chairs, stools, dishe bench, child's portion of goods, lease of tenement. James to have tenement if he dies and so on to other sons on condition they pay the sums to the other sons. Richard to pay Henry £4 and William £5 6s 8d within 2yrs or when he has entered the tenement All sons inc Richard, and daughters share goods, lease and farm grant (except widows portion). If any son dies their inheritance to be divided equally among the other sons. Eldest son will pay Margaret and Anne £6 13s 4d within a year of entering the tenement. Or if before this they marry then pay it then. Occupation of whole tenement for 10yrs for better education of children & if she remains unmarried. After she gets moiety and 1 half of tenement during widowhood. Gives his part of goods to her. Use of husbandry gear and goods until given to Richard when he enters the tenement.
Hugh Paley Knight Stainforth 1598 All children their portions All children their portions Her right of the residue. Tenant right to educate and bring up children.
Henry Cosnetyne Stainforth Underbargh 1599 All goods, chattels moveable and unmoveable.
Christopher Sailbanke Staynforth Underbargh 1600 James after 6yrs gets tenement & lease also at this time husbandry gear. (Only son mentioned) James will pay to Alice £30 before end of 7yrs. If this not paid in recompense 7acres of pasture in Sannat Close in field called stringleholme by east of 5 roods, a close called shortleis, a parcel of land called howcroftes 1 rood during term of lease (6yrs). Also given best ark, a chist in recompense of boards her grandfather gave her. Moiety of household goods. Lease & tenement (in his possession for next 6yrs), 3rd for widowhood. Shall make the charges of the whole crop. Rest of goods & husbandry gear. Brother- Richard owed to £6 4s 8d. He shall be maintained with meat, drink & apparel for as long as testators widow and son James live, a bedroom if he wants the money.
Edmund Ashe Knight Stainforth 1602 All goods and chattels, lease of tenement not yet expired. If she is with child then it will pass to it.
James David Stainforth 1683 Dwelling house, one laith or barne, a house in Langcliffe with garden belonging to Robert Tully and all personal estate at Stainforth.
Thomas Husbande Stainforde 1610 Richard to have the tenement after expirand of 1yr and all other assurances. One Gavelocke, which was lent to Thomas Lakeland, bordes lying over bed, bed, for his Childs portion. (Only son mentioned.) Agnes Husbande goods and chattels divided. Widow shall have and occupy moytie & 1 half of messuage and tenement with appertennures for 1 yr. Allowed right in and upon tenement during widowhead, residue divided.
Roger Swainson Stainforth Under Bargh 1610 Robert- dwelling house all other houses and lands, but if he dies half goes to Richard son of Thomas Carr and the other half to Ann Clapham) Whoever has the house shall permit his wife her 3rd part. Elizabeth Foster wife of Richard Foster- 5marks. Third. Grandchild- Ellin Aikinson a gimber lamb.
Edmund Procter Knights Stainford 1611 Roger £30 (Only son mentioned but the lack of bequest of property may indicate that it had already been bequeathed to the eldest son) If Roger dies his legacy to be equally divided between Ellen, Jane and Cicile £5- £3 in hands of Thomas Foster younger of Winscaile and 30s 4d in hands of Thomas Preston of Stainforth. 1 stone of ….oll equally divided, 5 crikes a piece Widow her third Nephew-William Procterall pieces of ashe wood lying in ….ctchwood at Newhall
Richard Armistead Knight Stainforth 1612 Feoffement, lands and tenements. Halve goods and chattels and £11 13s 4d out of other moitie according to custom of the country. Father- Thomas Armistead all ground and pasturage on Studfold moore and title in same. Brothers- John £7 13s 4d & Richard- £4 6s 8d. Brother-in-law- Stephen Pearce £6 13s 4d and to his children Christopher, Thomas, Jane- £6 13s 4d each to be paid out of £22 2s Stephen owes him. Get when 21yrs or married. Elizabeth Browne daughter-in-law 5s.
William Payley Knight Stainforth John Payley- £5 Bridgett Frankland & Ellen Lakeland- £5 each. All grandchildren 5s a piece within 1yr
Alice Sailbanke Stainforth Under Bargh 1623 N/A Daughters of James Sailbanke (nieces)- Alice- £10, great ark, 1 petticote, half full pewdder & brass. Anne- £10, gown, hat, other half of pewdder & brass. Clothes to be divided between both.
Robert Browne Stainforth Under Bargh 1665 Christopher Halve of houses and lands in Stainforth Under Bargh. After his mother's death he is to have them in full. He is also to share with his mother 46 sheep gates lying in pasture close - Winskill Stones and other cattle. Christopher to have and be sold all lands near Neals Ing called- corcsterr close and calf close and lands lying on mallam moor called thorhilbecke. Younger son James- lands and leases lying on Mallam Moore called Thorgill becke when expired in 1674. Christopher to pay to his 4 sisters- each of them threescore & tenne pounds a piece in manner following- Katherine- £30 on next feat of St Mary-1666, other £30 on next feast of St Martine-1667 and £10 next martinmas- 1668, Isabell £20 and so on until Isabell, Katherine and Ellen have received their portions of threescore and tenne pounds on the yr of their portion, younger daughter- Alice to be paid threescore tenne pounds out of lands when of sufficient age. If any die portion to be divided amongst rest of children. Halve of houses and lands in Stainforth during her life. Also to share with Christopher-46 sheep gates lying in pasture close - Winskill Stones, and other cattle. Son Thomas' 2 children each a yew
Richard Armistead Stainforth Under Bargh 1665 William- 2 parts of all houses and grounds lying in Stainforth, 3rd part after mother's death. All tables, chairs, forms, bedstead, cupboards, arkes and husbandry gear. John, youngest son- 5 cattle gates in Langcliffe Over Close after mother's death. Also £200 out of testator's personal estate. Part of remainder. Anne wife of Thomas Hardy of Coniston- £5. Third part of houses, grounds and 5 cattle gates in Langcilffe Over Close during fifty years should she live so long. Part of remainder.
Thomas Frankland Knight Stainforth 1674 Mary & Isabell to share estate with mother. Also both to receive £20 when they reach 21yrs Estate to be shared with 2 children. Also to receive residue of gods
James Armistead Stainforth Under Bargh 1678 (Probably Richard) Richard- all houses, lands, goods and chattels, one close called Goskar and Little Bottome Lane with the old house and garden testator bought off Leonard Wiglesworth and the fulling or walker mill. William can use the mill and to receive £20 Richard to suffer testator's (most likely to be Richard's son) grandson to full or mill all such pieces of cloth as shall by him or for his use be freely made without pay. Grandson- James Armistead 10s when he is 21yrs and to his brother William £20 when 21yrs. To Agnes, Robert, Alice and Elizabeth Swainson gGandchildren-40s each when 21yrs. To Agnes, Thomas & James Geldard- 40s each when 21yrs. Anne & Jane daughters of son Christopher Armistead deceased- 5s each
Isabell Craven Stainforth Under Bargh 1713 Niece- Margaret Tempest, for the term of 80yrs live in the house that Thomas Downham now lives in. Inhabit and to dwell with Barn Stable Garden Crofts Fronts and all other easements and privileges belonging to these lands, closes and premises. That is to say- 2 lands called Croft Lands the Borrans, the Park Close The Garth Nook the Wood Close, Howbeck One Castlegate in Hesley, and one Twintergate in the Town Moorhead. For her & her heirs 600yrs. To William Foster- Nephew- the remaninder of all terms unspent- grounds called Thackwood, the Highfield & Howbeck. To James Foster (nephew) and Margaret 3 catlegates in Hesley and 2 catlegates in a pasture called Sannett, 1 catlegate in pasture called Cattrigg, 3 catle gates in Catrigg(to pay money to others), 1 dale or parcel Called-Crook, 2 lands on Fosbank- latter lands to pay the same William £14 after 1yr of testator's death. James Foster shall have rents. James also to have remainder of terms in one close called Strangs Close & 2 catlegates in pasture called Farr Moorhead lying in liberties of Storth Under Bargh. Also right to claim moiety of Great Tongue.
Richard Lakeland Stainforth Under Bargh 1719 James Foster eldest son of my son of testator's son-in-law William Foster of Stainforth Underbargh and Henry Moorehouse youngest son of son-in-law Robert Moorehouse of Stainforth Under Bargh messuage house in Stainforth underbargh, Malt kiln adjoining houses barns, garths garden folds and backside crofts and curtillages belonging to the messuage. Also 4 cattle gates throughout stinted pasture called Towne Moorehead
John Twistleton Sherwood House 1723 3 daughters- Marjorie, Ann & Elizabeth Twistleton- ancient messuage and tenement of Sherwood House with all houses, barns, buildings, orchards, closes, meadows, woods, common of pasture and turbay moor mosses rights and privileges of terms unspent. This does not include the goods or malt mill, remainder of estate. To daughter Mary Ryly £40 at end of 12months. Brother-Robert Twistleton, the malt mill Son-in-law William Armistead and his wife- 10s and to their 2 daughters, Agnes & Margery- £10 a piece, interest to be used to pay for their education to William & testator's widow. To be paid into the hands of beloved friend James Ellison of Litten & John Preston of Arncliffe. If they die the money to go to William and his wife.
Thomas Foster Stainforth Under Bargh 1724 William Foster to have Barn/ Laith, Stable, close called Howbeck, close lying in closes called Grate Hesley and Little Hesley, ground called the Crook, ground called Slater Syke from testators widow unspent. 3 daughters- Ann Elizabeth & Margaret£10 a piece. To widow to share with testator's brother-in-law- 3 closes called Higher Risebridge, Lower Risebridge & Robbin Roding, & parcel of woody ground called Stally Bank the close called Over Close also the Legg, land called Robbin Haw, Brrans, Fosbank, 2 cattlegates in pasture called Sannat. To the widow only-Barn/ Laith, Stable, close called Howbeck, close lying in closes called Grate Hesley and Little Hesley, ground called the Crook, ground called Slater Syke for 60yrs so she can maintain and educate children. Son-in-law- Gilbert Farbridge refer to widows portions
Christpoher Wetherherd Knight Stainforth 1732 John capital messuage & tenement at Knight Stainforth with all lands pastures and closes belonging and water corn mill, on condition he pay a yearly sum to testator's widow. John to have the several beastgates, sheepgates & cattlegates within several pastures called Selside & Shaws, the Lamb pasture Fell Close Sulbar & Far Moors all in Selside. Thomas-messuages, tenements, beastgates and sheepgates lying at Ingman lodge & Ganber within the parihes of Bentham & Horton in Ribblesdale. Husbandry gear, carts, wheels. Has to pay the customary rent to lord of the manor John to give a general release to title to Thomas that he has claim to. Christopher having already been given competent estate in lands and money- a further £50 in 1yr after decease. James also being well preferred and provided for in lands in Horton in Riblesdale- further £50 paid in 18 months John, Christopher & Thomas all cattle as beasts, sheep, mares & geldings to be equally divided but kept undivided on lands at Knight Stainforth until mid April Remainder to John Thomas - books-the Taylor's Holy, The Christain Scarifice, The Holy Duty of Man, The Christian's Patternor a treatise of the imitation of Jesus Christ. Elizabeth- wife of Mr William Bateman- one young filly nearly 2yrs old. £10 yearly paid by her son John during her natural life. The kitchen and chamber and closet over the parlour, part of the messuage house and moieties of the garden, orchard and turf house. If she does not receive her £10 she can enter the land and get the annuity from the profits. Messuage lands beastgates and sheepgates now in occupation of William Dinsdale & 2 meadow closes called Gauber & the Holmes £100 out of personal estate over 3yrs after his decease, bedstocks, bedding furniture, linen, sheets, table linen, 1 silver tankard, chest of drawers, desk, large box where she normally keeps her clothes. Brother-William, Thomas to give him £6 Granddaughter- Mary Bateman £100 when 21yrs (gives details of how this should be given & to whom) Daughter-in-law-Wife of James, one guinea in gold Her son William (testators grandson)- 2 silver spoons marked with letters C.W Grandson- Thomas Bateman, 2 silver spoons marked C.W
Robert Foster Stainforth Under Bargh 1733 Richard- 5s Remainder of dwelling (after daughter-in-law), - together with one Slaited Barn or Layth, On Stabel and Swine Coat and Turf House, one garth or garden & orchard lying on the backside or my mansion and one garth called lane garth for 40yrs Also the parcels of arable meadow and pasture known by the several names of the Croft, Croft Side, the Thrusbank, the Mow Ing, the Mill Hole, the Parrock all adjoining one another and 2 Beast Gates in the Stinted pasture Close called Catterigg for the terms unspent. Residue Daughter-in-law-Katherine, a widow, room called the parlor & camber in Eastend of my messuage/ dwelling house. After her death or second marriage it will go to William Foster (grandson) he will also get the provisions allowed to the his widow grandmother (1st para. in her section) when she dies 2 son-in-laws Jacob Hall & Gilbert Farbridge 12d a piece
Christopher Metcalfe Stainforth Under Bargh 1740 No bequests actually made but as she was the sole executrix it is possible that all went to her. It comprised of dwelling house, barn, turfhouse, stable, garden, moiety of garden called Spire Garth, moiety of grass garth between the garden & the beck, 2 closes called Bacchus Myres, parcel called Hayber, parcel called Hayber Foot, 4 acresin a pasture close called Moor Close or Lime Roots or Short Mire, 2 Beast Gates in stinted pasture called Egde or out Moor parcel lying on East side of said moor, all lying within Stainforth. 22 sheepgates in a stinted pasture called Winskill Stones within Langcliffe
Ellen Armistead Stainforth 1761 N/A Nephews- James Hammond, Isac Hammond, Richard Oldfield & Thomas Dawson,h £5each Brother- Joseph Armistead, 40s yearly at a rate of 1s 6d every 2 weeks for life Brother- Robert Armistead, 20s yearly Nieces- Agnes Piell, Ellin Oldfield, Jane Marriner, Mary Armistead & Margery Hammond's daughter, 5s yearly Brother- James Armistead, benefit from household and goods because executor until James Armistead is 21yrs.
Ellin Armistead Knight Stainforth 1762 N/A Nephew- Thomas Armistead of Austwick the elder, £30 Nieces- Margaret, Mary, Anne Browne, £26 13s 4d each Nephew, James Armistead, £1 with 4 cattle gates & halve in Gorbaeck for life. After the death of James goes to John Armistead (nephew)
Lawrence Wharfe Stainforth 1762 William- real estate in Stainforth & Horton. Richard & John £250 each when 21yrs. Isabella & Elizabeth £250 each when 21yrs.
John Twistleton Sherrard House 1773 Robert & Alice Twistleton son & daughter of late brother Robert Twistleton - £240 divided equally between them. Brother-Thomas Twistleton, 5s Unsold estate to go to trust & use of John Twistleton son of late brother Robert, also a silver tankard.
Thomas Browne Stainforth Under Bargh 1782 ---------------------- ---------------------- ----Not specified--------- ----------- ------------