James Salebanke 1551 Churchyard   Francis Howson- sleeveless gray jacket (servant? - although a Howson has been ref to as his brother-in-law)   Son- Richard and daughter- Isabell   John Armestede, James Armestede And Thomas Salebanke
Hew Palay 1564 Churchyard       Wife and son -Thomas ……Johnson & Roger Swaynson to decide child's portions. John Swaynson, John Paley snr, John Paley jnr and Thomas Palay
James Foster 1567 Churchyard       Wife and son- Willam   Thomas Foster, John Armistead, Henry Cookhead, Christopher Cookhead
William Twisleton 1568 Church- where Elders are buried.   Jaffreye Benson- 1 gimmer lamb Jane Frankland- 1 whye stirke 2yrs old Janett Browne (possibly his granddaughter)- 1 twinter whye on marrying day.   Wife and son- Gregorie. With a special note for him not to take advantage of any writing James Foster (son-in-law) and William Procter is bound to.   Robert Twistleton, Christopher Cote, Hugh Armisteade, William Armystead
Richard Paley 1569 Churchyard       Wife and Thomas Craven   John Swaynson, Gregory Twistleton, ……. Lawson, Roger Swaynson
Emmott Twyssilton (widow to William) 1569 Church   (Pos. sisters) Jane Frankland- a bound warke coverlet Jenett Browne (Pos. granddaughter)- a bound wark coverlet, 4 yrds of white cloth to a kirtle Alice Iveson- 2.5 yards of white clothe. (To dwell with George Twistleton) Margaret Armistead- a kirtle   Son- Gregory Twistleton, and Anthonie Twislteton  
Thomas Foster snr 1571 Church       Wife and Richard Foster   Henry Cockhead, Robert Iveson, William Foster
Robert Iveson 1575 Church or churchyard 2d a piece     Brother- Anthony Iveson, and wife- Elizabeth William Kidd, Richard Kidson, Lawrence Swaynson and William Armesteade- Who will take occupation of the tenement if widow remarries before his son comes of age, with the consent of his brother Anthony, Thomas and William Iveson. Christopher Shutte- schoolmaster at Gigleswicke, Henry Tennante, William Kidson, Richard Iveson and Robert Procter.
George Palay 1576 Churchyard       Wife   John Palay snr, John Palay jnr and Thomas Palay
Richard Sailbanlke 1577 Churchyard       Wife and William Preston of Ayrton William Preston of Ayrton, William Lawkland, Thomas Howson and Christopher Sailbanke shall have ordering of tenement & goods to use of wife and children.
William Husband 1582 Churchyard       Wife and son Christopher   Thomas Brayshay, Richard Foster, Henrye Cocket, Sammuell Saunders
John Lawson 1586 Churchyard       Wife Roger---- the elder and Richard Paley Dyonesses Jennyings of Gigleswick
Robert Howson 1587 Churchyard       William Lawkland William Armystead, Christopher Sailbancke Christopher Sailbanke, Bryan Bainbridge, William Armystead
Christopher Cooke 1589 NG       Wife and son Roger   Thomas Foster, Anthony Armistead, William Foster, Thomas Cocket
James Armistead 1589 Buried at discretion of friends       Sons Christopher and Thomas   Thomas Husband, William Lawklande
Thomas Foster 1590 Churchyard       Wife and Hugh Gregsone Hughe Armystead (brother-in-law), John Gregsone of Swynestead and Robert Lawkeland (Jane's husband) Hugh Armystead, Robert Lawklande, Roger Cooke
Roger Cockett 1591 Churchgarth       Wife and son- William Christopher Husband, Thomas Cockett and Thomas Bentham Hugh Armistead, Thomas Cockett, Christopher Husband and Roger Cooke
Henry Cockett 1591 Churchyard       2 daughters- Isabell and Agnes   Richard Foster, Myles Heaton, Richard Craven and Bryan Bainbrigge
Thomas Craven 1593 Churchyard       Wife Richard Foster the elder and Roger Swainson Hugh Armistead, Roger Cooke and Brian Bainbrigge
Roger Saylbanke 1593 Churchyard     3s 4d Wife and H…. son Friends and neighbours- Christopher Armistead, William Lawkland, Christopher Saylbanke and Robert Lawlande William Lawkland, Christopher Saylebanke and Robert Lawklande
William Armistead 1595 Churchyard       Wife and son- John   William Lawkland younger, Christopher Armistead, Richard Armistead, Ricahrd Foster and Robert Stalmon
Elizabeth Cockyett 1596 Churchyard   (Pos. Sisters) Agnes Kidd of Setle- 1 puder dubler. Isabell daughter of Christopher Tatham of the Lowdge- 1 puder dubler. Alice wife of Adam Wilson- best red coat, old white coat, bend, 1 kercheeffe, 1 aperon. Agnes Cockyett servant to Robert Windsour- 1 pudor dubler, Elizabeth Armistead-1 quishione, Margaret Claphamson- 1 dubler. Anne Preston daughter of Hughe Preston- 1 pot. Wife of Hugh Preston- brandeth and long table. Alice Cockyet- candlestick. Christopher Cocket- 1 puder saucer   Hughe Claphamson, Richard Armestsead   John Paley, Alice Preston (late wife of Hughe Preston of Gigleswick)
William Foster 1597 Churchyard       Wife and eldest son Richard John Robinson Hugh Armistead, Christopher Armistead, Roger Cooke, William Cockett and Bryan Baynebrigge
Hugh Paley 1598 Churchyard       Wife William Newhouse, John Burton of Fezzor to help wife and children. Roger Swainson, Bryan Bainbrigge
Henry Cosnetyne 1599 Churchyard       Wife   John Payler, Thomas Laukeland, Robert Laukeland and Thomas Armistead
Christopher Sailbanke 1600 Church       Wife   William Lakeland, William Kidson, Richard Iveson and Thomas Lakeland
Edmund Ashe 1602 Churchyard   Robert Wilkinson and James Gurnell either of them 5 marks, if his wife is not with child then 5 pounds. William Bankes the 30s he owes contained in one bond.   Wife   George Swaineson and Bryan Bainbrigge
James David 1603 Churchyard Jaine Bainbrigge daughter of Gilbert Bainbrigg- 1s, Elizabeth Gibson daughter of John Gibson- 1s, Margaret Beeskaine- 1s     Wife   William Payley, Richard Armistead, Robert Lakeland
Thomas Husbande 1610 Churchyard       Daughter-Agnes Husband   William Corkelle, William Wilcocke, Bryan Bainbrigge
Roger Swainson 1610 Churchyard Ellin Paley- 1 gimber lamb Second in line as assigns- Thomas Carr & Ann Clapham.   Son- Robert   Robert Swainson, Thomas Carr, William Dawson.
Edmund Procter 1611 Churchyard     13s 4d Son- Roger. Father- Thomas Procter, Uncle- Anthony Procter, Cousin- Miles Websterhide, and Christopher Tennat of Beggermound Richard Paley, George Swainson, William Pailey and Bryan Bainbrigge
Richard Armistead 1612 Churchyard   George Iveson and his wife- 5s, Agnes Twiston daughter of Anthonye- 5s, Roger Preston son of Thomas- 5s, Anthony Twistleton- 10s, Thomas Preston and John Clapham 2s each 20s to be distributed at the discretion of Mr Christopher Shutt, father and brother-in-law- Barnard Browne. Wife   Thomas Armistead, Thomas Tailor, Barnard Browne, George Swainson, William Lawsonn
William Payley   Church or churchyard, fitting a man of his rank       John Payley & to be paid 10   Thomas Clapham, John Payley
Alice Sailbanke 1623 Church   ……& wife 4s, Margaret Kidsonne- Widow-6s 8d, Jennet Kidsonne 6s 8d, Alice Kidsonne 6s 8d, Sara Kidsonne 10, 1 petticoate, an upperbodie, slevel & pair of shoes, Robert Airetonne 4s, Alice Airetonne 4s, Anne Airetonne 4s, Robert Iveson sonne of Richard Ivesonn 1 gimber lamb, Marie Lakeland daughter of Robert Lakeland 1 gimber lamb, Jane Jaikmann 1 gimber wife of Roger Jaikmann 2s.       Lawrence Fountain, Thomas Foster & Thomas Sailbanke
Robert Browne 1665 Church       Wife and eldest son Christopher   Thomas Browne
Richard Armistead 1665 Church       Wife and John- younger son.   Anthonie Foster, Richard Armistead.
Thomas Frankland 1674 NG       Wife   John Payley, John ……
James Armistead 1678 Church   Richard Iveson and Ellen his wife 8 at end 4yrs   Richard son   Thomas Armistead, Richard Iveson, James Armistead
Isabell Craven 1713 NG   Ann wife of Christopher Metcalf- 23, William, Thomas & Hugh Clapham sons of William Clapham late of Gowthorp- 10, Craven son of Luke Bacon late of Threshfield- 10, and Agnes daughter of said Luke- 5   Margaret Tempest and James Foster Thomas Downham carpenter, William Burton clothier, William Bentham schoolmaster.
Richard Lakeland 1719 Not Given (NG)       NG, but pos. James Foster & Henry Moorehouse   William Lakeland husbandman, Thomas Tomlinson cordwiner, William Bentham- schoolmaster.
John Twistleton 1723 NG       3 daughters, Mary, Ann & Elizabeth.   Robert Twistleton, Richard Foster, Christopher Wetherherd.
Thomas Foster 1724 NG       Wife and son- William Foster   Robert Foster, Robert Moorhouse and William Bentham
Christopher Wetherherd 1732 Buried at discretion of friends     Gigleswicke poor-50s, Horton in Ribblesdale poor- 50s to be divided at Christmas. Son- John   John Armistead, John Hargreaves, William Harnes, Roger Mitton
Robert Foster 1733 NG       Wife William Bentham- trusty friend and schoolmaster to assist his wife. Robert Moorehouse- cordwainer, James Stockdale- husbandman, William Redmayne- woollen cloth weaver.
Christopher Metcalfe 1740 NG       Wife   Ann Foster- wife of Richard Foster, William Bentham- schoolmaster.
Ellen Armistead 1761 NG       James Armistead- son of my nephew Christopher Armistead   Robert Twistleton, Sarah Twistleton, James Sedgwick
Ellin Armistead 1762 NG   Elizabeth Lawson of Settle and Ellen Banks of Austwick- 5 each. Daniel Armistead of Hornby- 5. John Knipe- 5. William Knipe younger- 1. Mary wife of William Knipe elder- 5. Margaret wife of George Jackson- 2 10s. Margaret, Mary & John Wilson of Newby- 2 10s each. John Burton- 2 10s. Jenit Armistead daughter of late John Armistead of Austwick- 5   Nephew- John Armistead   Elizabeth Lister, Francis Barker, Richard Clapham
Lawrence Wharfe 1762 NG       NG   John Sedgwick of Horton in Riblesdale county clerk, Thomas Wetherhead, Christopher Picard of Settle
John Twistleton 1773 NG   Richard Redmayne and William Foster on trust- Sherrard House and tanyards and cattle gates also to Thomas Dowbiggin on trust.   Freehold lands & tenements in Horton in Ribblesdale or elsewhere to my friends Richard Redmayne, William Foster of Stainforth underbargh, yeoman. To William Foster, Richard Redmayne & Thomas Dowbiggin Sherrad House, tanyards & cattlegates on trust.   Edmund Hammond, Martin Ridley, Christopher Picard jnr
Thomas Browne 1782 NG       NG   Richard Iveson, Richard Foster- yeoman, Christopher Picard county gentleman.